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Mind Games

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Mind Games, the new third album by the artist Synflict from Germany, is thought as an expansion of the musical landscape inherent in Synflict's music. Following down the trajectory in order to see where it will lead to, regardless of the usefulness of the outcome, one may be surprised to discover new ways of paraphrasing the familiar. Making sure to understand the principles, to improve the model before moving on to new territories once there's nothing left that could be added. To the author of these lines, the music is an entity for itself that doesn't carry an underlying message. As the interested reader may already have guessed, the lack of a description of the music's meaning or a heartfelt story leaves the listener out in the cold with his/her own imagination. The author could not possibly contribute to the clarification for all of his own associations came into being after the fact, not whilst or before composing the actual work. So feel free to read into the music anything you like, your interpretation will be always right for and relevant to you.

Release Date: June 8, 2015
Total running time: 1h / 18m
Catalogue: NN_LP061_06_15
Format: MP3 [320 Kbps]
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0