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Release Date: November 30th, 2016
Total running time: 1h / 12m / 17s
Product ID: NN_CD013_01_17
Format: CD Digipack Ltd Ed. 200 Copies
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

"Cryogenic Dispersal" is the name of the combo album by Maurizio Bianchi and Paolino Canzoneri. Maurizio Bianchi is considered a real experimental electronics pioneer, particularly the industrial genre. An eclectic musician who did hear his first cry sound in the 80s with a big discography made of cassettes, to date rare pearl, vinyls and CDs still a destination for collectors and enthusiasts; He has since produced a number of tapes and albums including in 2015 "Pavimo", produced by Nostress Netlabel, published in a limited edition of 100 copies. Paolino Canzoneri in his experience of non-musician as he likes to be called, has always run brave musical territories and never banal, a sound research to 360 through the sounds of modular synths and beyond. Behind also he boasts numerous publications and collaborations with various artists. "Cryogenic Dispersal" is the work of two minds which, like the tracks of a train station, have traveled along parallel lines for a long time, without ever meeting. Two tracks that suddenly reached a metaphysical coincidence, the point at which everything is united and the distance becomes an utopia. The album is constitued by four tracks, 72 minutes of music, includes those who have the most intimate aspects of the human soul. Dark streets through the dark shores of consciousness, wilderness through which they articulate elements of the surrounding landscape that can give color and shape to all that's new and seemingly abstract. Sounds that evoke nature that moves through a dynamism generated by a light and shadow. Everything fades, it's lacking the earth under his feet, the echo of a cry within a hole in the center of the earth and then subsides, there is the reassessment and silence. Maurizio Bianchi says about the album: "An impressive album between electronic and electrostatic lashes bumps. The titles of the four songs are a great common denominator since they have the accident of events and this excommunication further proponents of assisted evil fatality. The music has a profound content and disintegrative of purely metallic sound with thick industrial haze that blend with synthetic expressive intensity ". An intimate album, intense and going absolutely heard since made two minds able to catapult the listener from unknown corners of the human mind. "


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Release Date: October 24, 2016
Format: MP3 [CBR 320 Kbps]
Total running time: 47m / 35s
Catalogue: NN_LP071_10_16
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Niodel is a bass player and drummer duo from Berlin, that also performs live electronics. The project is founded upon the continuous exploration of sonic possibilities and musical combinations. This research allows the duo to compose and improvise from various perspectives. Sound manipulation sometimes becomes a context in which the artistic ideas are shaped and in other cases it has a leading role in the arrangement and improvisational choices. The constant goal is to expand the duo idiom, also overcoming the traditional feature and timbre of each instrument. Through the use of electronics, the language of the project develops into personal rhythmic, melodic and harmonic shapes. The bass and the drums blend into one another and they both contribute, from several angles, to laying down the groove, to the thematic and soloing expositions and to the enrichment of the harmonic structure. Every musical element is generated exclusively live through the bass and the drum set. "1-13" is the name of the album debut. 47 minutes of music, 13 experimental tracks of in which the absence of a singer is not a defect and rhythm and harmonies make the same aforementioned tools turn the instrument as means of communication for an additional language. Harmonic explosion that undoubtedly deserves careful listening.

   TAU CETI (ENRICO COSIMI)       MAURIZIO BIANCHI/M.B.           ASTMA                                          ILIR LLUKA
   EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE                 JENSEITS                                      PHARMAKUSTIK                          ETTEREM (Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)

Upcoming Events // Upcoming Gigs

    MainOFF 2017

    Enrico Cosimi aka TAU CETI
    January 5 / h21 / Palermo

    January 5 / h23 / Palermo

    January 7 / h21 / Palermo

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Recensione Rockerilla n 436 Dic 2016
Maurizio Bianchi / M.B. + Paolino Canzoneri
"Cryogenic Dispersal"

Recensione Rockerilla n 422 Oct 2015
Empirical Evidence "Nepoznat"

Recensione Blow Up n 203 Apr 2015
Maurizio Bianchi / M.B. "Pavimo"

Recensione Rockerilla n 416 Apr 2015
Maurizio Bianchi / M.B. "Pavimo"

Recensione Rockerilla n 412 Dec 2014
Naughty Saw & Art Electronix "Raw"

Recensione Rockerilla n 404 Apr 2014
A.A.V.V. Anniversary Compilation Vol. 3

Recensione Rockerilla n 407-408 Jul 2014
Jenseits "Phil"

Recensione Blow Up n 190 Mar 2014
Massimo Ruberti "The City Without Sun"

Recensione Buscadero n 369 Jul-Aug 2014
Massimo Ruberti "The City Without Sun"

Recensione Rockerilla n 400 Dec 2013
Nazario Di Liberto "Stasi"

Recensione Rockerilla n 378 Feb 2012
Empirical Evidence "Spiritceesto"

Events // Gigs

  • NETLABEL DAY [Jul 14, 2016]
    NN Special Playlist [All over the World]
  • RECORD STORE DAY [Apr 16, 2016]
    Live @ Rizzo Manufacture Studio (Palermo)
  • CINEMA NOIR Live [Nov 6, 2015]
    Official Release Digital Album "Fernweh" @ Fabbrica 102 (PA)
  • NETLABEL DAY [Jul 14, 2015]
    NN Special Playlist [All over the World]
  • EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE [Jul 10, 2015]
    Open Act: DOKTOR TOX Live @ Easy Reader Libreria (Palermo)
  • RECORD STORE DAY [Apr 18, 2015]
    Live @ Rizzo Manufacture Studio (Palermo)
  • JENSEITS [DEC 9, 2014]
    ModCaf (PA) [Welt Panormus Micro Tour]
  • ILIR LLUKA [DEC 13, 2014]
    Real Fonderia alla Cala (PA) [MainOFF]
  • MASSIMO RUBERTI [DEC 12, 2014]
    Border Line (PA) [MainOFF]
  • JENSEITS [DEC 12, 2014]
    Border Line (PA) [MainOFF]
  • ASTMA (A. Borisov - O. Nosova)[DEC 11, 2014]
    Real Fonderia alla Cala (PA) [MainOFF]
  • JENSEITS [DEC 9, 2014]
    Drunks (PA) [Welt Panormus Micro Tour]
  • RESPECT [NOV 24, 2014]
    Arsenale della Marina (PA) [Environmental Sounds]
  • M. Lo Cascio + CINEMA NOIR [OCT 17, 2014]
    In fumo d'un fiato (La Cripta), PA
  • CINEMA NOIR [Sep 12, 2014]
    NautoscopioArt (Palermo)
  • Manzella & Scalia ft. Acting Out [Sep 2, 2014]
    ModCaf (Palermo)
  • FESTA! Etichette Siciliane e Talento Artigiano [Aug 4, 2014]
    Petrosino (Trapani)
  • CINEMA NOIR // CUM MOENIA [Aug 2, 2014]
    Live @ BeatFull Festival (Piana Degli Albanesi, PA)
  • RECORD STORE DAY [Apr 19, 2014]
    Live @ Rizzo Manufacture Studio (Palermo)
  • CUM MOENIA [Feb 21, 2014]
    Live @ Drunks (Palermo)
  • ACTING OUT [Dec 20, 2013]
    Live @ Drunks (Palermo)
  • MASSIMO RUBERTI [Dec 15, 2013]
    Live @ Galleria149 (Palermo)
    Live @ Litania (Palermo)
  • ORCA//BIPLOB [Dec 12, 2013]
    Live @ Galleria149 (Palermo)
  • NN LIVE 002 [Dec 5, 2013]
  • NN LIVE 001 [Mar 7, 2013]
  • CINEMA NOIR [Jan 31, 2013]
    Opening Act INTERLUDE event @ I Candelai (Palermo)
  • TUTTI AL MUSEO [Dec 22 / Jan 5, 2012]
    Environmental soundproofing (Palermo)
  • M. MANZELLA & A. SCALIA [Dec 9, 2012]
    Live EP "Oltre..." @ Studio 22 (Palermo)
  • EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE [Aug 24/25, 2012]
    Live @ Festival Int. SCRUSCI 4th Ed. (Alcamo)
  • arriCREATIVE MUSIC FEST [June 14, 2012]
    Web Radio & Netlabels meeting (Palermo)
  • CINEMA NOIR [June 10, 2012]
    Live @ PaLab (Palermo)
    Environmental Sounds (Palermo)
  • CINEMA NOIR [Mar 24, 2012]
    Live @ RIZLA Contest III Edition 2012 (Palermo)
  • C. AMALFI - E. EVIDENCE [Feb 24, 2012]
    Live @ LITANIA (Palermo)
  • PAOLINO CANZONERI [Aug 18, 2011]
    Live for Folkalab 2011 @ Palazzo Steri (Palermo)
  • STATIC WAVES [Aug 11, 2011]
    Live for Folkalab 2011 @ Palazzo Steri (Palermo)
  • EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE [Jul 21, 2011]
    Live for NN Opening @ Palazzo Steri (Palermo)



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