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Rust Belt

Pre-listening Track


Part One: 1961

  • Theme from Rust Belt/Doomsday 1961
  • The Mysterians
  • Unknown Terror Destroys Cleveland/Port Sinister
  • The Wonderous Future World of 1960
  • No Survivors Please/Glass City Blackouts
  • Focus Groups/Cuyahoga River Monsters
  • Plan 9 From Kokomo Electric/Monoliths
  • The Colossus of Rockford
  • Lay of the Land Beats/East Ohio Gas Explosion 1944
  • The Deluge In Flatlands
  • The World Without End
Part Two: 1968

  • The Trollenberg Terror
  • Conveyor Belt of Lost Hopes/Galaxy of Shoppables
  • Invasion of Planet X
  • Detroit, Je T'aime
  • Monolith Monsters/Day of the Triffids
  • Snow Creature Tarantula on Terminal Tower
  • Mothmen, James Dean’s Head
  • Lake Erie Body Snatchers
  • Night of the Hunter
  • Colony on the Ocean Floor
  • Theme From Rust Belt/Doomsday 1968

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Experimental Schizo Noir Trip Hop. The Fucked Up Beat. A sound project by Eddie Palmer of New York, NY and Brett Zehner of San Diego, CA created in October 2011. Songs are recorded through e-mail using keyboards, experimental percussion and field recordings. Beats/Field Recordings by B.Zehner. Sounds/Instruments by E.Palmer.

"We have been chased by schizophrenic wolves in the forest and we still are not tired. We traveled to the far ends of a nuclear winter. We slept in the shit and vomit of our ancestors. We felt the fear and went to the telephone. Like Bogart, searching for desperate positions. We find solace in your regret, happiness in your sorrow, and a place to bury ideas. On a boat, there is no lighthouse on the seas, death comes fast and the whale will kill us all. If I should die at the end of the world, will fight the ocean and sink her ship with a thousand harpoons."
The Fucked Up Beat

Release Date: Dicember 21, 2012
Total running time: 70:31
Catalogue: NN_LP035_12_12
Format: MP3 [320 Kbps]
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0