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Selected Drones

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  • Drone_45 Uchu no kishi
  • Drone_81 Carousel
  • Drone_13 Cinematique
  • Drone_56 Gold & purple
  • Drone_66 Denebola
  • Drone_32 Bangbang
  • Drone_14 Cinematique (Pt2)
  • Drone_68 Laudate kaos
  • Drone_15 Cinematique (Pt3)
  • Drone_12 Ox-heroes
  • Drone_111 Atropo
  • Drone_106 Impermanence

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The musical production of Hortus Conclusus a.k.a. Cristiano Bocchi, independent Italian musician, ranging from the most different genres and disciplines. He produces music for theater and short films, mashups and remixes for international artists, jingles and soundtracks for multimedia installations. Founder and keyboardist of two bands: "Liberal Carme" and "I Bolidi".

Selected Drones is a selection of "hybrid" music of a collection of "ambient" tracks composed in the last 2 years. Hybrid combination of electronic instruments, computer music strictly intended environmental sampling "in the field." All the work is focused as the reinterpretation of electronic drone in the key (*) and arpeggio (**). The result combines, highlighting the peculiar traits for both: the continuous and exasperated tone for the first, the cyclic variation for the second one.

(*) The drone or "bordone" is an harmonic or monophonic effect accompanying a note or chord. For a long part or entire composition it's played continuously,sustained or repeated and determine the tonality of the composition.

(**) The arpeggio is an embellishment applied to a music chord. The notes are not performed simultaneously but in more or less rapid succession.

Release Date: November 1, 2011
Total running time: 34:88
Catalogue: NN_LP006_11_11
Format: MP3 [320 Kbps]
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0