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Pavel Zhagun from Moscow is a famous Russian poet, sound and visual artist, composer and producer.
One of the founders of Russian avant-guarde and experimental electronic stage (projects F.R.U.I.T.S., Atomic Biscuit Orchestra, Joint Committee, PIEZO). The author of the idea and the organizer of annual international festivals of the newest actual poetry and sound-art POETRONICA. In the past curator of the famous Moscow gallery, which specializes in authentic modern art of the Far East, Zabaykalye and the eastern philosophy. He writes music for cinema and artistic performances and is the participant of many well-known international symposiums and festivals, concerts and actions dedicated to contemporary art.

SILF composition was planned as a research of extreme frequency spectrum modes of analog and digital sonar forms perceived by the listener, which are embodied in physiological influence of consciousness by the enthusiasts of noisy computer structures, very similar to psychophysical and emotional overload, normally experienced by inhabitants of a modern megapolis. Sonic structurization is characterized with frequency "power lattice", which promotes the cleaning of aesthetic brain matrix by overlaying multilayered noise resonances on ordinary binaural spectrum. Vertical digital storm is organized with rhythmo-phonetic images, putting over mutable lattices and numerous electrical discharges of "dehumanizing" quality. SILF is an attempt of meeting with elemental sounding which is going far beyond the ordinary understanding of sound. Today the sound became a weapon capable of directly influencing consciousness of both artist and listener and this fact reminds us about the new millennium and it's blooming world of art. SILF changes the perspective of sound-art as a whole, but leaves us with at least some familiar signs for the proper orientation in the dark structures of subconsciousness until these signs are washed away with the new electric wave. As magical and perfect finishing touch, the artistic images of the SILF videoclip created by art historian and video artist Elvira Zhagun that make this work a masterpiece.

Release Date: October 15, 2011
Total running time: 28:50
Catalogue: NN_EP007_10_11
Format: MP3 [320 Kbps]
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0