Psychedelic | Space / Post Rock | Avant-garde | Electronic / Electroacoustic


Acid Philosophy II

Pre-listening Track


  • Randomize
  • The Heart of TB-303
  • Mission 7
  • Ultra Arpeg Rainbows
  • Psy Frog
  • One Time
  • Ballade fur Ellise
  • Maybe
  • Frogmen
  • Maximum Volume
  • Dark Blue
  • Seventh Day

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After his first 2011 album "Acid Philosophy", Jol Youth (from Spain) comes back to release a new Album in his bizarre creative experimental "laboratory" with a collection of vintage electronics equipment of the analogic and early digital 80s era. "Acid Philosophy II" is played with some obsolete machines and older synthesizers as basilar equipment for this Acid, IDM, Electro and Ambient music project looking to find new and innovative creative methods. These songs are made just with old analog synthesizers, pedal effects and recorded on a tascam cassette 4 track recorder (inside). In the all songs, He always records the all instruments at same time and keep the tape without hear around half year. The sound is very different in each track because he used different mixers, effects and also depends the quality and state of the tapes. It's very interesting because you can obtain rich tones or much grain and degradate sounds.

Release Date: June 9, 2014
Total running time: 52m / 42s
Catalogue: NN_LP051_06_14
Format: MP3 [320 Kbps]
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0