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August 18, 2011: PAOLINO CANZONERI
"2714 States of mind without pausing"

Complesso Monumentale dello Steri
(Palazzo Steri, Palermo)


A long suite over forty minutes was performed at Palazzo Steri (Palermo) in hot summer of 2011 by Paolino Canzoneri, an electronic and experimental ambient music artist, often raw obsessive and claustrophobic. The entire suite includes three parts from three recent musical releases: "Multiverso" (a 2009 selfproduction CD); "Lingua in giova" (Brusio Netlabel, 2010); and two compositions from a new upcoming release. Three different themes, 2714 seconds of music as 2714 different states of mind in a long abstract and fascinating journey played without pauses.

Video excerpt from the performance

Foto by Massimo Torcivia

Event code: NN_Event003_08_11