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Release Date: December 13, 2014
Total running time: 49m / 04s
Product ID: NN_CD008_12_14
Format: CDr Digipack Ltd Ed. 50 Copies
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

The results emerging from experimentation and research in musical forms sometimes atonal and difficult to define, create the conditions for compositions that require perseverance and a clear predisposition for careful listenings, certainly with a good headset and the sensation of being transported to hypnotic, surreal and oneiric-flavored journeys without a clear perception of the metaphysical place only to find yourself cathartic when arrived. For his debut on Nostress Netlabel, font color="white">Ilir Lluka, an artist from Tirana (Albania), presents a complex project that shakes the concepts of Ambient music, in this case with five tracks, each one propedeutic to the previous and complementary to the next, running through the ground in a linear fashion, a line of indefinite sounds that develop and replace themselves sometimes transforming as such in pure noise sometimes in prolongued sounds that cause dark and delirious sensations only to then become pleasant and reassuring. Shell, his first CD, is a real seduction of the psyche, composed by the wise use of specific applications that thanks to complex flow-charts and graphic scores make possible the generating of immersive, psychedelic and perceptually totalizing drones, as well as by the the use of computer languages that by means of strings and lines of code generate dilated and intersected sounds. His live performances are developed oftenly using granular synthesis techniques, the dynamics of which maintain a stature made up of passages , not extreme but delicate passages to which are implemented field recordings and samples processed in real time with high-level results. The CD “Shell” is officially presented live in Palermo on December 13, 2014 during the MainOFF edition organized by Brusio Netlabel and with this year’s invitation of Nostress Netlabel to participate by engaging relevant international artists from their team. For last, pointing to his bio, the academic life of Lluka is located outside of literature and arts (he has a degree in Political Science and International Relations), and begins his artistic development with poetry at the age of 11 until recent years when he began his autodiactic study and practice of electronic music composition and audio programming. His Sound Works are based on real-life psychological perceptions oftenly created by combining electronic sounds with synthesized field recordings and acoustic instruments such as the cello and, in some cases, including poetry through unconventional forms of verbal interaction with sound (RES), and have been featured in art galleries and other art spaces in Tirana, in installations and solo performances (including the National History Museum of Albania) and for a short film commissioned by the Albanian Academy of Arts . Ilir Lluka was guest of the 2013 edition of “To Be Continued…” an international radioweb event for contemporary music hosted by Stazione Di Topolo (Italy) alongside names like Pauline Oliveros, Felicia Atkinson, Alessandra Celletti, etc. His EP “Looking At My Hands” was published on May 2014 by Manyfeetunder label, “Res” an EP with the poet Jonida Prifti was released on Ozky E-sound label and "Ajóre" released on batenim netlabel, Nostress partner netlabel.


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Release Date: December 1, 2014
Total running time: 19m / 09s
Catalogue: NN_EP026_12_14
Format: MP3 [320 Kbps]
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

A collection of distance collaborations. Recorded in Edinburgh, Manchester & Aups – 2013 to 2014. Henry and Free Variety Theatre have never met in “real life”, though we have performed together virtually. They record fluctuating acoustic (and electrical) energy patterns, transcode and manipulate them, trade the digital data, package it up with words and pictures in such a way that the new energy patterns can easily be converted back to sound. Along with time, actual locations become largely irrelevant. The final result is that these “tracks” never happened, they were never performed in the conventional sense, they are all an illusion. [Fabricated] Don't worry, so is much of the music out there. That convention, at least, remains unchanged. There is some real stuff in here, material that existed before. [H.H.] But most of it is pieced together from brief moments of activity. Fragments of time, consciousnesses aligning in space or around the pages (the words, even, are irrelevant). Music out there. Feuilleton.


   MARS-96                                      NAUGHTY SAW & A. E.                JENSEITS                                      CINEMA NOIR

Next Events // Live Gigs // Media Partner

Events // Live Gigs // Media Partner

  • JENSEITS [DEC 9, 2014]
    ModCafè (PA) [Welt Panormus Micro Tour]
  • ILIR LLUKA [DEC 13, 2014]
    Real Fonderia alla Cala (PA) [MainOFF]
    Border Line (PA) [MainOFF]
  • ASTMA (A. Borisov - O. Nosova)[DEC 11, 2014]
    Real Fonderia alla Cala (PA) [MainOFF]
  • JENSEITS [DEC 9, 2014]
    Drunks (PA) [Welt Panormus Micro Tour]
  • RESPECT [NOV 24, 2014]
    Arsenale della Marina (PA) [Environmental Sounds]
  • M. Lo Cascio + CINEMA NOIR [OCT 17, 2014]
    In fumo d'un fiato (La Cripta), PA
  • CINEMA NOIR [Sep 12, 2014]
    NautoscopioArt (Palermo)
  • Manzella & Scalia ft. Acting Out [Sep 2, 2014]
    ModCafè (Palermo)
  • FESTA! Etichette Siciliane e Talento Artigiano [Aug 4, 2014]
    Petrosino (Trapani)
  • CINEMA NOIR // CUM MOENIA [Aug 2, 2014]
    Live @ BeatFull Festival (Piana Degli Albanesi, PA)
  • RECORD STORE DAY [Apr 19, 2014]
    Live @ Rizzo Manufacture Studio (Palermo)
  • CUM MOENIA [Feb 21, 2014]
    Live @ Drunks (Palermo)
  • ACTING OUT [Dec 20, 2013]
    Live @ Drunks (Palermo)
  • MASSIMO RUBERTI [Dec 15, 2013]
    Live @ Galleria149 (Palermo)
    Live @ Litania (Palermo)
  • N.DI LIBERTO & R.ARENA [Dec 12, 2013]
    Live @ Galleria149 (Palermo)
  • NN LIVE 002 [Dec 5, 2013]
  • NN LIVE 001 [Mar 7, 2013]
  • CINEMA NOIR [Jan 31, 2013]
    Opening Act INTERLUDE event @ I Candelai (Palermo)
  • TUTTI AL MUSEO [Dec 22 / Jan 5, 2012]
    Environmental soundproofing (Palermo)
  • M. MANZELLA & A. SCALIA [Dec 9, 2012]
    Live EP "Oltre..." @ Studio 22 (Palermo)
  • EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE [Aug 24/25, 2012]
    Live @ Festival Int. SCRUSCI 4th Ed. (Alcamo)
  • arriCREATIVE MUSIC FEST [June 14, 2012]
    Web Radio & Netlabels meeting (Palermo)
  • CINEMA NOIR [June 10, 2012]
    Live @ PaLab (Palermo)
    Environmental Sounds (Palermo)
  • CINEMA NOIR [Mar 24, 2012]
    Live @ RIZLA Contest III Edition 2012 (Palermo)
  • C. AMALFI - E. EVIDENCE [Feb 24, 2012]
    Live @ LITANIA (Palermo)
  • PAOLINO CANZONERI [Aug 18, 2011]
    Live for Folkalab 2011 @ Palazzo Steri (Palermo)
  • STATIC WAVES [Aug 11, 2011]
    Live for Folkalab 2011 @ Palazzo Steri (Palermo)
  • EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE [Jul 21, 2011]
    Live for NN Opening @ Palazzo Steri (Palermo)


    [Digital Release]

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